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GLSC presents at AFS Larval Fish Conference (Virtual) – Early Life History Section

June 28, 2021

American Fisheries Society Annual Larval Fish Conference Presentations

Members from Dr. Ed Roseman’s (GLSC, Ann Arbor, Michigan) research team will present at the Annual Larval Fish Conference (American Fisheries Society-Early Life History Section) June 24-26, 2021. Each year, the Section gives ichthyoplankton researchers and students the opportunity to share their research across the globe. This three-day conference is comprised of three keynote speakers and five presentation sessions. This conference, despite being virtual again this year, still provides everyone the chance to network during multiple established networking hours. Below are the oral and poster presentations that will be presented by members and collaborators of Dr. Roseman’s research team.

  • More Than Just A Transit Corridor: Larval Fish Diets Reveal the St. Clair - Detroit River System Provides Nursery Habitat (Poster). Madeline G. Tomczak, Taaja R. Tucker, Lauren Eaton, Benjamin P. Coyle, Edward F. Roseman, Robin L. DeBruyne, Kevin M. Keeler, and A. Scott McNaught 
  • Retention and Collection Efficiency of Egg Mats in Simulated River Conditions (Oral). Madeline Tomczak, Brian Schmidt, Robin L. DeBruyne, Dustin Bowser, Jason L. Fischer, Gregory W. Kennedy, Nicole King, Christine M. Mayer, and Edward F. Roseman 
  • Distribution and Abundance of Pelagic Larval Yellow Perch in Lake St. Clair (US/Canada) and Adjoining Waters (Oral). Robin L. DeBruyne, Taaja R. Tucker, Clara Lloyd, Andrew S. Briggs, Megan Belore, and Edward F. Roseman 
  • Comparison of Larval and Juvenile Fish Assemblage Between Newly Created Marsh Terrace Habitat and Existing Marsh Habitat (Oral). April Simmons, Allyse c, Solomon David, and Quenton Fontenot 
  • Distribution of Larval Coregonines in Southern Lake Erie (Oral). Stacy Provo, April Simmons, Robin DeBruyne, Hannah Schaefer, Dimitry Gorsky, Brendan Nee, Stacey Ireland, and Edward Roseman 
  • Larval Fish Response to Variations in Discharge Through the St. Marys River Rapids (Poster). Faith VanDrunen, Edward F. Roseman, Robin L. DeBruyne, Christopher Olds, and Brandon Gerig 

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