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GLSC’s Cheboygan Vessel Base Invites the Public Aboard the Research Vessels Sturgeon & Arcticus

Public Tours at the Cheboygan Vessel Base

Cheboygan Residents Tour the R/V Sturgeon
GLSC Cheboygan Vessel Base staff stand alongside residents of Cheboygan, Michigan, prior to touring the R/V Sturgeon and R/V Arcticus on April 24, 2019.

Joe Bergan, Erin Grivicich, Deirdre Jordan, and Shawn Parsons (GLSC, Cheboygan, Michigan), along with Kristy Phillips (GLSC, Ann Arbor, Michigan) and Andrea Miehls (GLSC, Millersburg, Michigan), led two public tours of the USGS research vessels Sturgeon and Arcticus on April 24, 2019, as part of the Earth Week Plus Expo in Cheboygan, Michigan. A group of fifty tour participants learned about Great Lakes science conducted by the USGS, viewed the variety of scientific equipment used during field surveys, and saw the inner-workings of the vessels.