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Andrea L Miehls, PhD

I am a communications associate for the USGS-Great Lakes Science Center and Great Lakes Fishery Commission, stationed at the USGS Hammond Bay Biological Station.

The goal of my work as a communications associate is to increase collaboration and visibility of research and activities of the USGS-Great Lakes Science Center and Great Lakes Fishery Commission at local, regional, national, and international levels through communications to internal, external, Congressional, media, and government partners. Additionally, through public communications focused on Great Lakes ecology, conservation, and management, I endeavor to increase scientific literacy, science-based decision-making, and foster environmental stewardship in the general public from youth to adults. These activities support the missions of the USGS and Commission by promoting the protection of Great Lakes resources and the maintenance of healthy Great Lakes ecosystems. My science communication activities include: stakeholder outreach at small and large events; educational presentations for schools and community groups; interactions with the media; graphic design; writing articles and press releases; photography; videography; social media; and coordinating the Sea Lamprey in Michigan Education (SLIME) program.