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New usability enhancements to WHISPers data portal

New usability enhancements have been released to WHISPers.

White text "WHISPers Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership - event reporting system" on dark blue background.

The USGS National Wildlife Health Center is excited to announce new usability enhancements to WHISPers, the Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership – event reporting system. Updates have been made to the home page, map display, and search feature. We invite you to visit WHISPers to see the new updates.

We are committed to growing and expanding WHISPers and making improvements like these to aid in wildlife health information sharing. If you have any comments or questions about these new changes, or would like more information about WHISPers, please contact us at WHISPers user guides and other resources are also available on our website.  

Screenshot of WHISPers showing map of North America and search fields on left side column.
New usability changes have been made to WHISPers, including an updated search and map. The map now displays events by animal type instead of by disease type. Visit to see more.

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