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Presenting SAFRR Scenarios to the Los Angeles Area COOP Working Group

Presenting SAFRR Scenarios to the Los Angeles Area COOP Working Group

SAFRR's Erin Burkett presented to the Los Angeles Area COOP (Continuity of Operations Planning) Working Group on August 27th, 2014 in response to their request for more information on SAFRR Scenarios and USGS resources available to help agencies make plans for natural disasters. Dr. Burkett provided a summary of available USGS natural hazards resources, with a focus on overviews of and materials available for the ShakeOut earthquake scenario, the ARkStorm winter storm scenario, the Tsunami Scenario which was rolled out late last year, and the Haywired earthquake scenario currently under development. The LA COOP Working Group plans to use the ARkStorm Scenario in particular as the basis for their Table Top exercise, and they have invited Dale Cox, SAFRR's Project Manager, for an ARkStorm presentation on December 4th, 2014.

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