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Radio Interview about a Technique to Restore Native Plant Species in Drylands

Mike Duniway and Becky Mann were interviewed by KZMU, a community radio station located in Moab, UT. They discussed a strategy that uses 6" tall structures to provide safe places for native plant seed germination and seedling survival, and should benefit restoration efforts in water-limited systems.

Mike and Becky discussed their dryland restoration project that uses small structures to influence the local environment to facilitate native plant seedling establishment. The small structures are called connectivity modifiers (ConMods) and they are small screens that protect seeds and provide them with safe spaces to germinate. The interview also touched on the topics of land use, climate change, and the challenges of restoring native plant species in the Southwest. Additionally, Mike and Becky discussed what it is like to be scientists and expressed their desire to share the ConMod technology and have others improve upon it.

Here is the link to the interview:

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