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April 28, 2017

On its 229th birthday, Maryland still rocks.

Image shows a geologic map of Maryland
A geologic map of the birthday state! (Public domain.)

On this day, in 1788, Maryland entered the Union as one of the 13 original states. To honor Maryland’s birthday, we thought we’d highlight Maryland’s mineral contributions.

Maryland ranks 35th in mineral production value in the 50 United States, with its mineral industry worth about $310 million in 2016. USGS monitors the mineral industry of Maryland and all 50 states, reporting annually in its Mineral Commodity Summaries.

Maryland’s primary mineral commodities are, in order of value, portland cement, crushed stone, construction sand and gravel, masonry cement, and dimension stone. Much of the sand and gravel  come from the sediments that gradually built Maryland’s broad coastal plains.

The Maryland Geological Survey divides the state into five broad provinces: the Applachian Plateaus of the western panhandle, the Ridge and Valley along the I-68 corridor, the Blue Ridge where Camp David lies, the hard stones of the Piedmont, and finally the Atlantic Coastal Plain. They’ve even got a map of where people have found gold in the state!

So happy birthday, Maryland-you rock!

Image shows a geologic map of Maryland
A geologic map of the birthday state! (Public domain.)

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