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September 2, 2004

Hurricane Charley, a Category 4 storm, came ashore on the southwest coast of Florida on August 13 and carved a 450-m breach in North Captiva Island. On August 15, scientists at the USGS photographed the new breach through North Captiva Island where the eye wall came ashore. Will Captiva Island be forever cut in two? With time, USGS oceanographer Abby Sallenger says, the island will likely heal

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June 8, 2004

Included this month:

Keeping Airplanes Flying (two things we watch out for)

How to Keep the Big Apple juicy

"Wave Bye-Bye to the (Gulf Coast) Beach, Kids!"

Seeking the ghosts of earthquakes past

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May 7, 2004

Included this month:

Geology Is Chief Adversary at Battle of Vicksburg

USGS Kicks Volcanic Ash

Lookin’ at the Bottom of the Bay (San Francisco Bay)

Drilling in the Chesapeake Impact Crater

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March 4, 2004

Included this month:

Kissing the Blarney Stone

USGS Celebrates 125 years of Science for America

Stop using the Richter Scale!

How the Irish Named Civilization

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February 9, 2004

Included this month:

Polar Bears Fight For Survival

USGS Geologists Help in Understanding Mars

Chesapeake Bay Recovery Process Slowed

Getting to the Heart of Geography

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January 12, 2004

Included this month:

2003 Marked Deadly Year for Earthquakes

Salt, Pests and War Make For Bad Dates

Eden’s Fall From Grace From Space

Counting America’s Bald Eagles

Tracking California Hazards Online

Can’t Know the Martians Without A Program

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November 6, 2003

Included this month:

California Wildfires Test Scientists’ Skills

West Nile Deaths Continue

Earth Escapes Brunt of Violent Solar Storms

Abbey Road: Lost Photos of Native Americans Salvaged in South Dakota

Watching Volcanoes From Space

USGS is Geography Aware

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October 9, 2003

Included this month:

Hurricane Isabel Makes Her Mark on the North Carolina Coast

Mayans in the Everglades?

Submerged Ice Bridge Reveals Ancient Secrets About Alaska

America’s Deepest Coral Reef

Young Tortises on Mojave’s Menu

Measuring Floods From A Distance

Is the World’s Fuel Tank on Empty?

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June 6, 2003

From West Nile Virus maps to "on-the-fly" mapping of the Everglades, we’ve got you covered. How about fun Fourth of July story ideas? Find out what puts the fire in fireworks or where you can find Independence in the USA. This monthly collection of science stories can help you cover ongoing earth and natural science research and investigations at USGS