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Date published: April 18, 2016

Gifts from the Sea

The USGS has completed the second phase of releasing thousands of photos and videos of the seafloor and coastline through their Coastal and Marine Video and Photography Portal.

Date published: April 18, 2016

EarthWord – Watershed

This week’s EarthWord sounds like what the British might call an outhouse...

Date published: April 11, 2016

EarthWord – Viscosity

Viscosity refers to a fluid’s resistance to flowing. Ever heard the phrase “slower than molasses?” Viscosity is what it’s referring to, since molasses has a fairly high viscosity and so doesn’t flow very quickly.

Date published: April 4, 2016

USGS EarthWord of the Week

The unsaturated zone is the area below the surface of the ground but above the groundwater table. In other words, it’s the area that is comparatively drier than aquifers, with both water and air in the pore space between rock and soil.

Date published: March 28, 2016

EarthWord – Induced Seismicity

The occurrence or frequency of earthquakes for which the origin is attributable to human activities.

Date published: March 21, 2016

EarthWord – Tertiary

The Tertiary is a system of rocks, above the Cretaceous and below the Quaternary, that defines the Tertiary Period of geologic time. T

Date published: March 14, 2016

EarthWord – Storm Tide

Storm tides is the combination of storm surge, which is water that has been pushed by a storm, with the regularly occurring tides.

Date published: March 7, 2016

EarthWord – Reservoir

This one has a lot of variance within the scientific community, but at its core, a reservoir is a place where fluids collect and concentrate.

Date published: February 29, 2016

EarthWord – Quagga Mussel

Its spelling looks similar to Quahog, and it is even distantly related—the Quagga Mussel is a bivalve mollusk just like the Quahog.  That’s where the similarities end, though. Quahogs are clams, native to the Americas and often used in chowder, whereas Quaggas are mussels native to Ukraine that accumulate toxins and have an offensive smell.

Attribution: Ecosystems
Date published: February 22, 2016

EarthWord – Prominence

Prominence is a term in topography that refers to the elevation of a summit relative to its surrounding terrain. This is different from its overall elevation, which measures the height of the summit above sea level.

Date published: February 15, 2016

EarthWord – Ore

The naturally occurring material from which a mineral or minerals of economic value can be extracted. Usually minerals, especially metals, are mined first in ore form, then refined later.