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Image shows a hyperspectral map of deposit types
April 11, 2017

It’s not a caffeinated ghost, but this EarthWord is nearly as trippy...

Image shows a tall, triangular gray stone surrounded by grass and trees
April 7, 2017

In 2016, the United States mined $74.6 billion worth of minerals, and the following five mineral commodities accounted for 68.5 percent of that value.

Image shows a scan of a grain of pyrite rimmed with stibnite, with varying levels of arsenic shown in a color gradient. Image pr
April 6, 2017

Today’s high-end electronics increasingly rely on mineral commodities...and research into those mineral commodities is increasingly using high-end electronics too!

Close up of Fluorite
April 4, 2017

Ever wondered what the difference between a rock and a mineral was? This EarthWord should cover it...

Close up of Chalcopyrite
April 1, 2017

Think you know which mineral Fool’s Gold is? You might be fooled...

A gas plume arising from Augustine Volcano during it's eruptive phase 2005-06.
March 28, 2017

After a wildfire is extinguished, which secondary effects can occur?

Image shows a satellite view of forests in Cambodia.
March 24, 2017

In this week's Landsat view, Landsat 5 and Landsat 8 show how significant Cambodia's deforestation has been in the last few decades.