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Upcoming events and Fun Facts

February 14, 2020

Center's events and fun facts

This article is part of the 2020 Patuxent Science & News Volume 5 Issue 1 Newsletter

Upcoming events

2/18 Seminar:Tori Mezebish — Ring-necked ducks wintering in the Southern Atlantic Flyway 
2/19-2/20 Ecosystems Mission Area Visit


Fun Fact:

Based on analyses of Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) data from the 1980’s by Patuxent scientists, Chandler Robbins, John Sauer, Sam Droege and Russ Greenberg, many populations of migratory birds exhibited significant declines. This, in turn, prompted a group of conservation leaders to create Partners in Flight (PIF), a movement designed to improve our understanding of avian ecology and the factors that limit bird populations. Congratulations as PIF is celebrating their 30 anniversary