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Hurricanes pose numerous hazards to coastal communities and ecosystems. The USGS has gathered a broad range of expertise on storm-related hazards and research and compiled them into a handy hub of hurricane information.

USGS brings together diverse expertise to study hurricanes and tropical storms, develop models and tools to forecast storm impacts, and deliver this knowledge to inform preparedness, response, and recovery. USGS scientists and staff coordinate across Water Resources, Ecosystems, and Natural Hazards Mission Areas and collaborate with federal, state, and local partners to understand and prepare for hurricane hazards.

When hurricanes threaten our coasts, the USGS provides comprehensive science and information that decision makers, emergency responders, resource managers and communities can use to help them prepare for, cope with, and recover from a storm. With so much information available, USGS developed an information hub where coastal communities can learn about the scope of USGS science, storm response, and the data and tools available to improve preparedness, reduce risk and enhance our resilience.

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