Ann Tihansky


Ann blends together skills and knowledge in interdisciplinary science with communications, outreach, strategic planning, multimedia and special events to promote science and its valuable role for society. She leads the development and production of communication resources and strategies to share science and management information with technical and non-technical audiences through a wide range of outlets. She is currently a Physical Scientist, but has also served as a Hydrologist and Information Specialist with a broad range of field experiences and interactions with the public and the media for more than 30 years with the USGS.

Ann facilitates exchange across many levels at USGS and with partners to provide accurate and timely information to targeted audiences that include interagency partners, stakeholders, Congress, media and the general public. She currently shares time between the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program (CMGP), the Natural Hazards Mission Area (NHMA), and the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI)’s Ocean, Great Lakes and Coastal Activities Team, located within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Insular and International Affairs. She coordinates outreach and communications activities with both the CMGP and the NHMA. At DOI she is the managing Editor of the U.S. Department of the Interior’s award-winning quarterly newsletter, NEWSWAVE, and develops and maintains web and outreach resources.

Ann has written scientific reports as well as translated USGS science for non-technical audiences in web, social media, press releases, newsletters, multimedia, and other outreach products. She completed the Dept. of Defense Information School’s Public Affairs Qualification Course in 2009. She received two USGS Shoemaker Awards for multimedia (2011) and web (2015) products and received an award for “Outstanding Community Outreach” from the USGS Office of Communications in 2007. She was the lead organizer for the St. Petersburg Science Center’s annual Open House from 2005-2010, through which partnerships developed the city-sponsored, community-led St. Petersburg Science Festival. She also served as the USGS liaison with the American Ground Water Trust’s ‘Teacher Institutes’ (2004-2010), facilitating USGS participation nationwide in educational outreach.

In each of these positions, Ann conceives, solicits, reviews, and collaborates across many levels at USGS and the DOI to highlight initiatives, accomplishments, community, partnership, and technical news. She also identifies, develops, and manages select imagery and multimedia to complement these stories. She identifies key subscribers and contributors for these products and continually builds relationships that enhance the Department’s mission for science-informed policies.