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USGS Scientist Invited to Present Research on Aridland Water Harvesting Structures for Land Managers

Dr. Laura Norman was invited to present a broad overview of her research at the Bureau of Reclamation, "Erosion Control Structures" Seminar in Phoenix, AZ.

The talk included aspects of imagery being collected and processed to monitor changes in vegetation and geomorphology at restoration sites, a discussion of field studies initiated to calibrate models and provide direct measurements; and results from hydrological geospatial models. Attendees included colleagues from The Hopi Tribe, BIA - Navajo Region, Tucson Audubon, BLM, Waterock LLC, Reclamation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Cuencas los Ojos, Desert LCC, SRP, Sky Island Alliance, The Nature Conservancy, ADWR, Borderlands Restoration L3C, Arizona State Forestry, USFS, and MCPRD.