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Video: Warming Cities Create a Buggy Problem

Southeast CASC researcher Steve Frank explains how warming cities may make for a more welcoming environment for pests.

Southeast CASC researcher Steve Frank from North Carolina State University was interviewed by the documentary series Local Motives on his research on the urban heat island effect, where urban areas full of impervious surfaces (e.g. sidewalks, roads, buildings) experience higher temperatures than surrounding rural areas. Frank explains how warmer conditions in urban areas may increase the presence of tree pests, threatening urban tree health. This research can inform urban planning that is considerate of climate change impacts.

This work stems from the Southeast CASC supported projects:

Effects of Urbanization on the Conservation Value of Forests

Consequences of Urbanization and Climate Change on Human and Ecosystem Health

Tree Eaters: Predicting the Response of Herbivores to the Integrated Effects of Urban and Global Change

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