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1DTempPro: A program for analysis of vertical one-dimensional (1D) temperature profiles

July 23, 2015

1DTempPro is a computer program for the analysis of one-dimensional vertical temperature profiles. The program is a graphical user interface (GUI) to the previously published USGS code VS2DH, which numerically solves the flow and heat-transport equations. The program allows users to visually calibrate VS2DH models against measured data to estimate vertical groundwater/surface-water exchange and also hydraulic conductivity for cases where hydraulic head is known. 1DTempPro is written in C# for execution in a MS Windows .NET environment.

For background information, refer to:

Koch, F.W., Voytek, E.B., Day-Lewis, F.D., Healy, R., Briggs, M.A., Werkema, D., and Lane, J.W., Jr., 2015, 1DTempPro V2: New Features for Inferring Groundwater/Surface-Water Exchange, Groundwater,, 6p.