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Website Use in the Classroom

The USGS Volcano Hazards Program and our partner's websites offer a wealth of information that can be adapted to classroom use. Below are some examples on how you can utilize these resources to engage your students to learn more about U.S. volcanoes. 


Viewing the Mount St. Helens website....
Viewing the Mount St. Helens website. (Credit: Westby, Liz. Public domain.)
  1. Keep up to date with current volcano events.
  2. Follow the PNSN blog. to read discussions about earthquake activity in the Cascade Range.
  3. Use webpages for each individual Cascade Range volcanoes as a resource for student reports. Volcanoes are listed by state in the "Find a Volcano" drop down menu at the top of this website.
  4. Use the volcano teaching resources webpage.
  5. Learn about how to develop a career as a volcanologist in Information for Young Volcanologists.
  6. Get involved! Learn about upcoming events for students and for teacher professional development. See also, a general list of educator opportunities and CVO News.
  7. Prepare your school and community by developing a safety plan.