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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee affinity or experience-based groups that build community. Sometimes known as Affinity Groups or Diversity Groups, ERGs are generally founded by core organizers, have volunteer membership and provide support to personal and professional development in the workplace.

Moreover, the grassroot organizational support that ERGs provide helps to cultivate a supportive, equitable and inclusive work environment. ERGs serve as vital connection between employees and managers, connecting a diverse array of backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences to the USGS.

The USGS supports employee participation in Employee Resource (ERGs). If you are interested in learning more about the USGS ERGs, please contact the group directly. For general inquiries about existing employee resource groups or to update any of the information below, please contact the DEO. To learn more about starting a new group, please see the DOI PB 17-07, Departmental Policy on Recognition Procedures and Departmental Support for Employee Organizations (Non-Labor).

Pie chart showing 8 sections to represent the ERGs
Employee-led groups with members who are drawn together by a common interest and work towards advancing relevancy, diversity, and inclusion to meet the USGS mission

Employee Resource Groups


Disability Inclusion Network

Empowers employees by positively influencing the culture (equal and fair treatment), promoting culture differences and similarities, and cultivating an inclusive and high-performing workforce.


Early Career Scientist Network (ECSN) 

Our mission is to serve as a resource to employees of the USGS to positively influence the work environment; ensure professional, equal and fair treatment; and share and promote cultural differences and similarities for all ECSN members. Additionally, the ECSN assists in cultivating an inclusive and high-performing workforce that empowers all ECSN members and highlights the skills and qualifications early career scientists bring to the USGS and the DOI.



Our mission is to serve as a resource to positively influence the environment, to ensure professional, equal and fair treatment, share and promote culture differences and similarities for all employees who identify themselves as LGBTQ. To assist in cultivating an inclusive and high-performing workforce that empowers all of its LGBTQ employees and understanding of skills and qualifications that they bring to DOI as a whole. Our LGBTQ ERG is composed of employees who classify themselves as members of the LGBTQ definition.


Black USGS Science Staff (BUSS)

Our mission is to promote the visibility, retention and achievements of scientists and science support staff of African descent (therein Black) and assist in facilitating the realization of USGS’ diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) goals critical to their success.


DOI- NAHE National Association of Hispanic Employees

The National Association of Hispanic Employees NAHE of the Department of the Interior (DOI) is a registered Employee Resource Group (ERG) open to all employees of the Department of Interior. Our goal is to support the principles and practices of diversity and inclusion within DOI. The employee group serves as a resource for all DOI employees and will support the recruitment, retention, professional development, and advancement of Hispanics within DOI.


Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI)

The AANHPI ERG is focused on facilitating the engagement of employees across mission areas, developing new skills and networking, and supporting the professional development of employees through virtual and in-person meetings and events. The AANHPI ERG serves as a resource for the AANHPI community and a conduit through which the interests, issues, and representation of AANHPIs in the USGS are addressed. We welcome all in DOI to join.



Our mission is to develop and deploy resources to assist Veterans with transitioning from military culture to the Federal Government culture, particularly DOI.


Women in Science Dialogue (WISDom)

WISDom is an employee resource group aimed at improving the working conditions and opportunities for women within the USGS.