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If a Bureau-approved manuscript is rejected for publication by one journal and is then submitted to another journal, does the manuscript have to go back to the BAO for approval? [075]

Not necessarily. The author may resubmit the Bureau-approved manuscript to another journal. However, if substantial revisions are made in response to subsequent reviews, the IP could require further BAO review and approval. [Read more]

No, not necessarily. If a manuscript has received Bureau approval and is subsequently not published by the journal to which it was submitted, the author may resubmit the Bureau-approved manuscript to another peer-reviewed journal. It is the author's responsibility and obligation to inform their supervisor, the Center Director, and the BAO if any substantial revisions (for example, those that affect any of the scholarly conclusions or that have new policy implications) are made during the subsequent review and revision process of the journal so it can be determined if further review and approval is warranted (refer to SM 502.4, section 7.G).