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Research Grade Evaluation

The USGS Office of Science Quality and Integrity—in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources—is responsible for administering the USGS Research Grade Evaluation (RGE), Equipment Development Grade Evaluation (EDGE), and Senior Scientist (ST) review processes.


One final RSR/DSR training session has been scheduled for the 2022 Spring-Summer cycle:

  • Tuesday, February 1, 2022 from 3:00-4:30pm eastern

If you would like to attend the training session, please email to get the meeting link.

NOTE: The RGE/EDGE Team holds approximately 12 evaluation panels a cycle. Cycles extend from late-spring into September (spring/summer) or late-fall into March (fall/winter). Individual findings will be distributed on a rolling basis as each panel is completed and panel findings are approved by Human Resources. Timing of the distribution of individual findings will depend on when the individual’s panel is scheduled; we do not disclose the panel schedule for a cycle. Results are distributed through center directors for sharing with scientists.

Are you currently (or trying to become) an RGE/EDGE scientist and interested in serving on a panel? We are always looking for volunteers! Just e-mail to let us know and we will add you to our volunteer list!


General Information

  • USGS Research and Equipment Development Grade Evaluation Process Handbook (in revision)




For RGE, EDGE and ST Scientists Being Reviewed

For Panelists




Questions may be sent to the RGE-EDGE e-mail box: