Mark Miller

I'm a broadly trained biologist with a strong background in ecology, genetics, and statistics. I also possess exceptional computational skills backed by the ability to communcate with both general and technical audiences. Most of my work focuses on analyses of wildlife species that are relevant to USGS and other DOI bureaus.


B.S. Auburn University (Zoology)

M.S. Virginia Tech (Biology)

Ph.D. Northern Arizona University (Biology)

  • 19 years of post-PhD research experience in the life sciences (8 years in academia, 11 with U.S. Geological Survey).
  • A well-documented record of productivity and achievement.
    • 52 peer-reviewed scientific publications (additional under review or in press).
  • Able to understand the complexities and subtle attributes of diverse systems.
    • Research including taxa such as birds, mammals (including humans), amphibians, insects, crustaceans, fungi, fish, plants, and mollusks.
    • Research environments including mountains, forests, deserts, wetlands, rivers and streams, and coastal systems.
    • Research themes involving wildlife management, endangered species, agricultural systems, pest control, forensics, and human and wildlife disease.
    • Topics of local, regional, national, and international importance.
  • Exceptional computational and analytical skills backed by the ability to communicate with both general and technical audiences.

Since joining in 2008, I have been responsible for publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers that fulfill the mission of the USGS and inform policy and management decisions made by other Department of Interior bureaus. My record of productivity with USGS is consistent with the overall focus of my career to date, where I have published 52 peer-reviewed manuscripts (plus additional under review or in press).