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Who may review data and metadata? [124]

A qualified individual or separate individuals possessing technical expertise, familiarity with data may conduct data and metadata reviews. [Read more]

Data and metadata reviews are distinct and differ from peer reviews required for other USGS information products because data are considered noninterpretive. Peer review for interpretive information products must meet the requirements as described in SM 502.3, but data, however, do not follow these requirements. Although data release is often done at the same time as journal article publication, it is a distinct process that has different policy requirements.The intention is to have a qualified person who is familiar with the data/metadata perform the review, and this commonly is an individual on the project team. For example, a supervisor may be a data or metadata reviewer, or an individual on the project team supervised by the principal investigator may be the best person to perform these reviews. The same qualified individual may conduct both the data and metadata reviews, or different individuals may conduct the separate reviews. In both selection and number of reviewers, science center directors have authority to impose stricter requirements than the FSP required minimum.