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Powell Center Code of Ethics

Powell Center Code of Ethics

​The Powell Center mission is to promote discovery in Earth system sciences and all related disciplines for the benefit of our planet and all living organisms. We aim to assist and guide synthesis, analysis and multidisciplinary collaboration to further important research and its applications. 

 Code of conduct:

In order to provide an environment that is welcoming and safe, we hold all participants to the following expectations:

  • Treat all participants with respect and kindness. Consider views that may differ from your own.
  • Be mindful of the time and space that you are occupying. Give others a chance to participate.
  • Communicate without the use of demeaning or discriminatory language. 
  • Embrace cultural diversity and highlight the accomplishments of all participants.
  • Recognize the needs of the team and understand that diversity includes physical, emotional and mental needs. Strive to accommodate these needs and ensure all members feel they belong.
  • Conduct all Working Group synthesis efforts with expectations of transparency, inclusivity, and accountability.
  • Remember to include segments of amusement, fun and laughter – it clears the mind!
  • All investigators will abide by the USGS Code of Scientific Conduct.


Powell Center authors seeking to publish Working Group products will abide by the following principles of ethical professional conduct:

  • I will not falsify, fabricate or intentionally misrepresent my own data or the data of the group.
  • I will cite and credit all information used from other publications. 
  • I will provide thoughtful, honest, and practical evaluation of the scientific actions of the group.
  • I will provide fully described and replicable scientific methods.
  • I agree to publish all derived data as data papers or data releases. Data papers or data releases will be made available on or before the time of journal publication in Open-Source repositories. 
  • I agree to provide access to all analytical tools and software products developed by Powell Center working groups on or before journal publication in an Open-Source repository.
  • I agree to acknowledge the Powell Center in all publications resulting from the Powell Center’s support. 
  • I will notify the Powell Center of all publications resulting from the Powell Center’s support.
  • I will not tolerate, nor participate in, discrimination based on race, color, disability, age, national origin, religion, or any other source.

                                                                                          agree to abide by the Powell Center Code of Ethics.


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