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Climate Adaptation Insights Newsletter Archive

Check out previously distributed Climate Adaptation Insights Newsletters below that highlight noteworthy science, events, and opportunities from across the CASC network!


6/23/2022: Ungulate Migration in a Changing Climate and More!

6/8/2022: Secretary Haaland visits the Midwest CASC and More! 

5/18/2022: Improving Ecological Projections of Wildlife and Landscapes for Natural Resource Managers and More!

4/22/2022: Earth Day Climate Change Puzzle & USGS Climate Science Solutions and More!

4/6/2022: Check it Out: 2021 Annual CASC Summary and More!

3/16/2022: Highlighting the Rising Risk of Wildfire and More! 

3/2/2022: Conservation Under Uncertainty: Innovations in Participatory Climate Change Scenario Planning from U.S. National Parks and More!

2/16/2022: Future Peak Flow Along Rio Grande May Arrive Early Due to Climate Change  and More!

2/2/2022: CASC Tribal Climate Resilience Liaison Awarded MCAP Climate Adaptation Award and More! 

1/19/2022: Examining Uncertainty, Complexity and Constraints, to Grow Insights into the Future of Climate and Ecosystems and More!

1/6/2022: Adaptation Strategies for North American Fish and Fisheries and More!


12/15/2021: Improving Our Relationship with Fire and More!

12/1/2021: CreelCat Database: Development, Applications, Opportunities and More!

11/17/2021: CASC Scientists Contribute to Resist-Accept-Direct Special Issue and More! 

11/3/2021: Traditional Learnings: Into the Field with Yurok and U.S. Forest Service Experts on Cultural Burning of Forested Lands and More!

10/20/2021: Native American Fish and Wildlife Society Selected to Support the Alaska Regional Tribal Resilience Liaison Program and More!

10/6/2021: Scientist Spotlight: Shawn Carter, Actionable Science, and Multi-Agency Collaborations and More!

9/29/2021: Welcome to the New Midwest CASC Host and Consortium!

9/22/2021: A Whole New (Fiery) World and More!

9/9/2021: CASCs Shine at the 2021 Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards and More!

8/25/2021: Recreational Fishing Popular During Pandemic Due to ‘Social Fishtancing’ and More!

8/11/2021: Climate Change Creates Novel Conditions in Aquatic Ecosystems and More!

7/28/2021: Visualizing Vulnerability: A Customizable Assessment of Climate Vulnerability in the Midwest and More!

7/14/2021: New Paper Advises RAD Range of Conservation Options and More!

6/30/2021: An Ecosystems Approach for Multispecies Conservation and More!

6/17/2021: Project Spotlight: Supporting the Drought Community of Practice in Hawai’i and More!

6/2/2021: Providing a Framework for Species Status Assessments of Southeastern Grassland Species and More!

5/19/2021: Diving into the Fish and Climate Change Database (FiCli) and More!

5/5/2021: Follow @USGS_Climate on Social Media and More!

4/21/2021: New Interactive Website on Agroforestry in the Climate of the Marshall Islands and More!

4/7/2021: Northeast CASC Scientist Featured in Special Issue of Connections Magazine Celebrating Women at DOI and More!

4/5/2021: Check Out the 2020 Annual CASC Summary Geo-Narrative!

3/24/2021: New Toolkit Helps Managers Create Connected Landscapes Robust to Climate Change and More!

3/10/2021: North Central CASC Aids Resource Agency in Adopting Climate-Informed Management Practices and More!

2/25/2021: How Intergovernmental Ecosystem Assessments Could Better Integrate Non-English-Language Literature and More!

1/27/2021: Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) Framework Helps Managers Make Strategic Decisions Under a Changing Climate and More!

1/11/ 2021: "Drought Seesaw” Affects Post-Fire Forest Recovery Across West and More!


12/15/2020: The Hidden Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Inland Freshwater Fisheries and More!

12/2/2020: Preparing Wildlife for Climate Change and More!

11/10/2020: Small-Scale Droughts Limit Sagebrush Recovery After Wildfires and More!

10/28/2020: Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to understand changes in water and More!

10/14/2020: Hotter, Dryer Conditions are Projected Across Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and More!

9/30/2020: CASCs Recognized by the 2020 Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards and More!

9/16/2020: CASC Researchers Present Framework for Assessing Adaptive Capacity and More!

9/2/2020: Reconstructing Ancient Ecosystems’ Response to Climate Change and More! 

8/18/2020: National CASC Chief Doug Beard Named American Fisheries Society Fellow and More!

8/4/2020: Potential Future Impacts of Climate Change on Huckleberry in the Pacific Northwest and More!

7/21/2020: North Central CASC Launches Tribal Climate Leaders Program and More!

7/7/2020: Scientist Spotlight on the Northeast CASC Science Coordinator and More! 

6/23/2020: Impacts of a Changing Alaska Snowpack on Pacific Salmon and More!

6/9/2020: Global Climate Models to Inform Policymaking and More!

6/1/2020: Climate- Change Refugia Special Issue: Buying Time for Biodiversity to Adapt in a Changing World

5/27/2020: New Research Uses Tree Ring Data to Assess Drought Severity in the Missouri River Basin and More! 

5/21/2020: CASC Spotlight Series: Summary of 2019 CASC Activities

5/13/2020: Inland Fisheries are a Key Ingredient to Reaching Sustainable Development Goals and More! 

4/28/2020: Check out FiCli - a New Fish and Climate Change Database and More!

4/15/2020: Scientist Spotlight on a North Central CASC Research Ecologist and More!

3/31/2020: A New Method to Assess Population Change in Declining Songbirds and More!

3/17/2020: Long-Lasting Ecological Impacts from Post Fire Drought and More! 

3/3/2020: Bending the Curve of Global Freshwater Biodiversity Loss and More! 

2/19/2020: New Ecodrought Story Map and More! 

2/4/2020: Climate Change Scenario Planning for National Monuments and More!

1/22/2020: Alaska CASC Researcher Works with Remote Communities in Alaska’s Changing Landscapes and More!   

1/8/2020: Rating Fire Danger from the Ground Up and More! 


12/19/2019: Identifying Knowledge Gaps on Cultural Resources and More! 

12/10/2019: Northeast CASC to Gather with Forest Managers and More!

11/25/2019: Scientist Spotlight on a National CASC Researcher and More!

11/12/2019: Historic Upper Missouri River Streamflow Reconstructed From Tree Rings and More!

10/29/2019: New Project Examines Emerging Challenges Related to Climate Change, Disease, and Wildlife Health, and More!

10/16/2019: Evaluating Drought in Southeast Alaska and More!

10/1/2019: CASCs Honored with the 2019 Climate Adaptation Leadership Award and More!