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Emily M. Fort

Communications, Data & Information Technology Coordinator, National CASC

Melissa Matty

Administrative Officer, Southwest CASC

Janet A Cushing

Deputy Chief, National CASC

Karen Maxwell

Administrative Officer, National CASC

Shawn L Carter, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist, National CASC

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Deputy Director, North Central CASC Aparna Bamzai-Dodson 970-889-1231
Chief, National CASC Douglas T. Beard, Jr., Ph.D. 571-265-4623
(Acting) Regional Science Advisor for Latin America, Caribbean, and Canada (Western Hemisphere) Gustavo Bisbal, Ph.D. 541-224-4761
Data Scientist, National CASC Clara Booker -- --
Deputy Director, Southeast CASC Ryan Boyles, Ph.D. 919-513-2816
Data Scientist, National CASC Sarah Burton -- --
Communication Specialist, National CASC Jordan Bush, PhD -- --
Senior Scientist, National CASC Shawn L Carter, Ph.D. 703-648-4085
Science Coordinator, Southeast CASC Jennifer M Cartwright, Ph.D. 615-837-4752
Program & Management Analyst, National CASC Holly Chandler 406-207-9500
Deputy Chief, National CASC Janet A Cushing 571-524-4636
Administrative Operations Assistant, National CASC Jennifer Davis-Fair 703-648-4088
Biologist, National CASC Kristen E. Donahue 703-648-4087
Office Automation Clerk, National CASC Lauren E Dubrow 703-648-4089
Research Ecologist, Southeast CASC Mitchell J Eaton, Ph.D. 919-515-8640
Research Fish Biologist Holly Embke, PhDc 703-648-5953
Deputy Director, Southwest CASC Carolyn Enquist, Ph.D. 520-260-7761
Acting Deputy Director, Northeast CASC William H Farmer, Ph.D. 303-236-4981
Communications, Data & Information Technology Coordinator, National CASC Emily M. Fort 703-648-4082
Research Coordinator, Northwest CASC Elizabeth Glenn, Ph.D. 541-750-1022
Center Director, Alaska CASC Stephen Gray, Ph.D. 907-301-7830
Program Analyst, National CASC Nadine J. Hartke 703-648-4607
Senior Liaison for Insular Relations, National CASC David Helweg, Ph.D. 808-342-7606
Center Director, Southwest CASC & South Central CASC Stephen T Jackson, Ph.D. 520-670-5591
Center Director, Pacific Islands CASCs Mari-Vaughn Johnson, Ph.D. 808-208-3142
Science Coordinator, Pacific Islands CASC Heather Kerkering 808-956-2872
Deputy Director, South Central CASC Michael Langston, Ph.D. 405-325-0664
Acting Director, Midwest CASC Olivia LeDee, Ph.D. 651-649-5033
Research Ecologist, Alaska CASC Jeremy Littell, Ph.D. 907-360-9416
Research Fish Biologist, National CASC Abigail J. Lynch, Ph.D. 703-648-4097
Ecologist, Midwest CASC Marta Lyons, Ph.D. 612-437-9769
Biologist, National CASC Katherine C Malpeli 703-648-4092
Administrative Officer, Southwest CASC Melissa Matty 520-539-9002
Administrative Officer, National CASC Karen Maxwell 703-648-5801
Research Ecologist, North Central CASC Brian W Miller, Ph.D. 970-889-1272
Data Scientist, National CASC Carol Morel 571-512-1584
Research Ecologist, Northeast CASC Toni Lyn Morelli, Ph.D. 413-545-2515
Assistant Partnership Coordinator, National CASC Lannette Rangel 703-826-1869
Biologist, National CASC Madeleine Rubenstein 703-648-4072
Center Director, Northeast CASC & Southeast CASC Katherine Smith, Ph.D. 828-200-4885
Science Coordinator, Northeast CASC Michelle Staudinger, Ph.D. 413-577-1318
Research Ecologist, Southeast CASC Adam Terando, Ph.D. 919-515-4448
Research Ecologist, National CASC Laura Thompson, Ph.D. 703-648-4083
Administrative Operations Assistant, National CASC Jana Thornley 703-648-4081
Science Applications Coordinator, Alaska CASC Ryan Toohey, Ph.D. 907-865-7802
Biologist, National CASC Elda Varela Minder 801-908-5009
Research Coordinator, North Central CASC Alisa Wade, Ph.D. 406-529-5386
Biologist, National CASC Sarah Weiskopf 703-648-4073
Deputy Program Coordinator Zhiliang Zhu, Ph.D. 703-648-4243