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September 11, 2023

The USGS Climate Adaptation Science Centers are thrilled to announce that Carrie Brown-Lima will be the new Regional Administrator of the Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center. Carrie brings years of boundary spanning experience to the Regional Administrator position (formerly known as “Director”), helping to connect managers and decision makers with relevant science. 

Image of a smiling woman with wavy brown hair sitting in front of a lake with trees in the background
Photo of Carrie Brown Lima.

Carrie joins the CASC network from the New York Invasive Species Research Institute based at Cornell University, where she has served as Director for the past 9 years. The institute is a bridging organization between invasive species research and people who make management and policy decisions on the ground. 

Carrie has been an active collaborator with the CASC network for many years, most notably through the Northeast Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change (RISCC) Network, which she co-founded in 2016 with Northeast CASC Research Ecologist Toni Lyn Morelli and Northeast CASC University Director Bethany Bradley. The Northeast RISCC now encompasses nearly 800 researchers, managers and policy makers, and has been replicated in four other regions across the U.S. 

“RISCC has driven me to better understand the importance of adapting to climate change,” Carrie says. “It has brought to my attention that we need to think about climate change first, and other issues, like invasive species, are now falling under that umbrella.” 

Carrie is excited to transition her focus on to climate adaptation full time. She is also looking forward to applying her full range of experiences, from fisheries and agriculture to forests and aquatic systems, to the broad CASC mission. 

“This position brings together all my past work with different ecosystems and different conservation challenges,” she says. “It gives me the opportunity to advance the idea of translational research and the role of boundary spanning organizations in informing decisions.” 

Carrie was born and raised in Connecticut and has moved across the Northeast for work and school. Even after living outside the U.S. for over a decade, the Northeast has always been home. 

When she isn’t working, Carrie loves gathering her friends and family and heading outside. Skiing, paddleboarding, camping – she doesn’t care, as long as she has fresh air and good company. 

“Spending time with people in nature and being active is my passion,” she says. 

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Map of the Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center (NE CASC) region and consortium members. The NE CASC serves the states Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia. The NE CASC consortium includes the University of Massachusetts - Amherst (Host), College of Menominee Nation, Columbia University, Cornell University, Michigan State University, Woodwell Climate Research Center, University of Missouri, University of Wisconsin, University of Vermont, and U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station. Click to enlarge.

Note: The footprint of the NE CASC was split in 2021 to form the Midwest CASC. States in grey represent the Midwest CASC and states in purple represent the updated NE CASC footprint. All NE CASC consortium members in the MW CASC footprint remain part of the NE CASC. 

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