Climate Adaptation Science Centers

Northeast CASC

Scientists supported by the Northeast CASC are conducting projects on a range of topics throughout the region, including how climate change may impact wildlife health, projected changes in the quality and quantity of water in the Upper Mississippi watershed, how managers may be able to increase the resilience of vulnerable plants and animals, and much more. 

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Map showing the states and consortium members that are part of the Northeast CASC

Map of the Northeast (NE) CASC region and consortium members. Note: The footprint of the NE CASC is being split. States in gray represent the newly formed Midwest CASC, and states in purple represent the updated NE CASC footprint. All NE CASC consortium members in the MW CASC footprint remain part of the NE CASC. Click to enlarge.


  • University of Massachusetts - Amherst (Host)
  • College of Menominee Nation
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Michigan State University
  • Woods Hole Research Center
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of Vermont
  • USFS Northern Research Station


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Katherine Smith, Ph.D.

Center Director
Northeast and Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Centers
Phone: 828-200-4885

William H Farmer

Acting Deputy Director
Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center
Phone: 303-236-4981

Bethany Bradley

University Director, Northeast CASC
University of Massachusetts

Jon Woodruff

University Director, Northeast CASC
University of Massachusetts