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September 30, 2022

Are you attending the National Adaptation Forum (NAF) this Fall in Baltimore? Don't miss these presentations from staff and partners from across the CASC network!

This year, from October 25-27, the climate adaptation community will gather in Baltimore, Maryland where the adaptation community will work to “foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutual support for a better tomorrow” at the National Adaptation Forum (NAF). Don’t miss these presentations, sessions, and posters authored and organized by staff and partners from across our Climate Adaptation Science Center network! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Symposium: Approaches To Co-Producing Science For Natural Resource Adaptation

Session Organizers: Jennifer Cartwright, USGS Southeast CASC PI; Toni Lyn Morelli, USGS Northeast CASC PI

Tuesday, October 25; 11:30am


Symposium Presentations:

Climate change refugia conservation in the northeastern U.S.

Presenter: Toni Lyn Morelli, USGS Northeast CASC PI

Tuesday, October 25; 11:30am


Building stewardship capacity and protecting the Brown Ash of the northern forest

Presenter: Tyler Everett, Aroostook Band of Micmacs

Tuesday, October 25; 11:30am


Climate-adapted fish stocking

Presenter: Amy Teffer, University of Massachusetts

Tuesday, October 25; 11:30am


Informing multi-scale climate adaptation strategies to shifts in phenology in coastal ecosystems

Presenter: Michelle Staudinger, USGS Northeast CASC PI

Tuesday, October 25; 11:30am


Management of mangrove ecosystems undergoing sea-level rise

Presenter: Ken Krauss, USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center

Tuesday, October 25; 11:30am


Climate adaptation for southeastern grasslands

Presenter: Jen Cartwright, USGS Southeast CASC PI

Tuesday, October 25; 11:30am


Research evaluation for better climate adaptation

Presenter: Steph Courtney, Auburn University

Tuesday, October 25; 11:30am


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Symposium: Innovative Communications to Improve Natural Resource Adaptation to Climate Change

Session Lead: Mike Langston, USGS South Central CASC

Wednesday, October 26; 8:30am


Science Storytelling: Engaging Partners Through Video

Presenters: Ulyana Nadia Horodyskyj, USGS North Central CASC; Cari Furiness, USGS Southeast CASC

Wednesday, October 26; 8:30am


Symposium: Bridging the Bridges: Opportunities Between Federal Boundary Spanners

Opening Remarks: Janet Cushing, USGS National CASC

Panelists: Lannette Rangel, USGS National CASC; Mike Langston, USGS South Central CASC

Wednesday, October 26; 11:30am


Status of Tribes and Climate Change (STACC) Report

Panelists: Stefan Tangen, USGS North Central CASC

Wednesday, October 26; 11:30am


Thursday, October 27, 2022

Promoting Innovation and Creativity In Climate Adaptation

Session Organizers: Bruce Stein, National Wildlife Federation; Janet Cushing, USGS National CASC; Stephen Jackson, USGS National CASC

Thursday, October 27; 10:15am


Symposium: Diverse Communication Approaches to Reach Diverse Audiences

Session Lead: Jordan Bush, USGS National CASC

Presenters: Jessie Young-Robertson, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Bob Bolton, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Sara Smith, Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, Christina Stone, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Steph Courtney, United South and Eastern Tribes

Thursday, October 27, 11:30am


Adaptation Alliances: Connecting Climate Networks To Drive Change

Panelists: Janet Cushing, USGS National CASC

Thursday, October 27, 11:30am