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December 16, 2022

Pacific Islands CASC-supported researchers are working to include knowledge from Indigenous peoples in the Pacific to the Fifth National Climate Assessment report’s Pacific Island chapter.

As climate change affects ecosystems and communities around the world, scientists are increasingly acknowledging the role Indigenous knowledge can play in helping people to understand and prepare for future impacts. Pacific Islands CASC-supported researcher Abby Frazier and Pacific Islands CASC Director Mari-Vaughn Johnson are centering Indigenous knowledge and practices in the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA) report’s chapter on the Pacific Islands that they are leading. Among the topics covered in the report, the team of authors are including Indigenous knowledge on traditional methods of agroforestry and aquaculture, in addition to information on climate impacts on human health and mental health in the Pacific. A draft of the report is currently open for public comment to ensure the science is accurately represented.  

These scientists and their work are supported in part by the Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center. 

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