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Recent Publications - December 2018-January 2019

List of USGS publications based on coastal and marine research, published in December 2018-January 2019

This article is part of the December 2018-January 2019 issue of the Sound Waves newsletter.  

  • Bell, T., Lander, M., Jenson, J., Randall, R., Partin, J.W., and Prouty, N.G., 2018, A 50-year Sr/Ca time series from an enclosed, shallow-water Guam coral: In situ monitoring and extraction of a temperature trend, annual cycle, and ENSO and PDO signals: Journal of Coastal Research,
  • Bellmore, J.R. et al., 2019, Conceptualizing ecological responses to dam removal: If you remove it, what’s to come? BioScience, v. 69, p. 26–39,
  • Brankovits, D., Pohlman, J., Ganju, N.K., Iliffe, T.M., Lowell, N., Roth, E., Sylva, S.P., Emmert, J.A., and Lapham, L.L., 2018, Hydrologic controls of methane dynamics in karst subterranean estuaries: Global Biogeochemical Cycles, v. 32, p. 1759–1775,
  • Bruno, J.F., Cote, I.M., and Toth, L.T., 2019, Climate change, coral loss, and the curious case of the parrotfish paradigm—Why don’t marine protected areas improve reef resilience?: Annual Review of Marine Science, v. 11, p. 307–334,
  • Buster, N.A., Bernier, J.C., Brenner, O.T., Kelso, K.W., Tuten, T.M., and Miselis, J.L., 2018, Sediment data from vibracores collected in 2016 from Fire Island, New York: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 1100,
  • Douglas, S.H., Bernier, J.C., and Smith, K.E.L., 2018, Analysis of multi-decadal wetland changes, and cumulative impact of multiple storms 1984 to 2017: Wetlands Ecology and Management, v. 26, p. 1121–1142,
  • East, A.E., Logan, J.B., Mastin, M.C., Ritchie, A.C., Bountry, J.A., Magirl, C.S., and Sankey, J.B., 2018, Geomorphic evolution of a gravel-bed river under sediment-starved vs. sediment-rich conditions: River response to the world’s largest dam removal: Journal of Geophysical Research F: Earth Surface, v. 123, p. 3338–3369,
  • Flannery, J.A., Richey, J.N., Toth, L.T., Kuffner, I.B., and Poore, R.Z., 2018, Quantifying uncertainty in Sr/Ca-based estimates of SST from the coral Orbicella faveolata: Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, v. 33, p. 958–973,
  • Ganju, N.K., 2019, Marshes are the new beaches—Integrating sediment transport into restoration planning: Estuaries and Coasts,
  • Gonneea, M., Maio, C.V., Kroeger, K.D., Hawkes, A.D., Mora, J., Sullivan, R., Madsen, S., Buzard, R.M., Cahill, N., and Donnelly, J.P., 2019, Salt marsh ecosystem restructuring enhances elevation resilience and carbon storage during accelerating relative sea-level rise: Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, v. 217, p. 56–68,
  • Gravinese, P.M., Toth, L.T., Randall, C.J., and Aronson, R.B., 2018, How do upwelling and El Niño impact coral reef growth? A guided, inquiry-based lesson: Oceanography, v. 31, p. 184–188,
  • Green, R.H., Lowe, R.J., Buckley, M.L., Foster, T., and Gilmour, J., 2019, Physical mechanisms influencing localized patterns of temperature variability and coral bleaching within a system of reef atolls: Coral Reefs,
  • Herdman, L., Erikson, L., and Barnard, P.L., 2018, Storm surge propagation and flooding in small tidal rivers during events of mixed coastal and fluvial influence: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, v. 6, p. 1–26,
  • Himmelstoss, E.A., Henderson, R.E., Kratzmann, M.G., and Farris, A.S., 2018, Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS) version 5.0 user guide: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2018–1179,
  • Lazarus, E.D., Limber, P.W., Goldstein, E.B., Dodd, R., and Armstrong, S.B., 2018, Building back bigger in hurricane strike zones: Nature Sustainability, v. 1, p. 759–762,
  • Maier, K.L., Roland, E.C., Walton, M.A.L., Conrad, J.E., Brothers, D.S., Dartnell, P., and Kluesner, J.W., 2018, The tectonically controlled San Gabriel Channel-Lobe Transition Zone, Catalina Basin, Southern California Borderland: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 88, p. 942–959,
  • Maloney, A.E., Nelson, D.B., Richey, J.N., Prebble, M., Sear, D.A., Hassall, J.D., Langdon, P.G., Croudace, I.W., Zawadzki, A., and Sachs, J.P., 2019, Reconstructing precipitation in the tropical South Pacific from dinosterol 2H/1H ratios in lake sediment: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 245, p. 190–206,
  • Mark, H.F., Lizarralde, D., Collins, J.A., Miller, N.C., Hirth, G., Gaherty, J.B., and Evans, R.L., 2019, Azimuthal seismic anisotropy of 70-Ma Pacific-plate upper mantle: Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth,
  • Parsons, T.E., Geist, E.L., Console, R., and Carluccio, R., 2018, Characteristic earthquake magnitude frequency distributions on faults calculated from consensus data in California: Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth, v. 123, p. 10,761–10,784,
  • Pirtle, J.L., Shotwell, S.K., Zimmermann, M., Reid, J.A., and Golden, N., 2017, Habitat suitability models for groundfish in the Gulf of Alaska: Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography,
  • Richey, J.N., Thirumalai, K., Khider, D., Reynolds, C.E., Partin, J.W., and Quinn, T.M., 2019, Considerations for Globigerinoides ruber (white and pink) paleoceanography—Comprehensive insights from a long-running sediment trap: Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology,
  • Smith, C.G., Long, J.W., Henderson, R.E., and Nelson, P.R., 2018, Assessing the impact of open-ocean and back-barrier shoreline change on Dauphin Island, Alabama, at multiple time scales over the last 75 years: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2018–1170,
  • Sun, Z., Jang, J., and Santamarina, J.C., 2018, Time-dependent pore filling: Water Resources Research, v. 54, p. 10242–10253,
  • Toth, L.T., and Aronson, R.B., 2019, The 4.2 ka event, ENSO, and coral reef development: Climate of the Past, v. 15, p. 105–119,
  • Walton, M.A.L., Roland, E.C., Walter, J.I., Gulick, S.P.S., and Dotray, P.J., 2018, Seismic velocity structure across the 2013 Craig, Alaska rupture from aftershock tomography: Implications for seismogenic conditions: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 507, p. 94–104,