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Recent Publications - October-December 2018

List of USGS publications on coastal and marine research, published in October-December of 2018

This article is part of the October-December 2016 issue of the Sound Waves newsletter.

  • Ackerman, S.D., Brothers, L.L., Foster, D.S., Andrews, B.D., Baldwin, W.E., and Schwab, W.C., 2016, High-resolution geophysical data from the Inner Continental Shelf: South of Martha’s Vineyard and north of Nantucket, Massachusetts: USGS Open-File Report 2016–1168, p. 1–21.

  • Bakker, D., Landa, C.S., Pfeil, B., Metzl, N., O’Brien, K., Olsen, A., Smith, K., Cosca, C., Harasawa, S., Nakaoka, S., Jones, S., Nojiri, Y., Steinhoff, T., Sweeney, C., et al., 2016, A multi-decade record of high-quality fCO2 data in version 3 of the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT): Earth System Science Data, v. 8, p. 383–413.

  • Brothers, L., Herman, B.M., Hart, P.E., and Ruppel, C., 2016, Subsea ice-bearing permafrost on the U.S. Beaufort Margin: 1. Minimum seaward extent defined from multichannel seismic reflection data: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 17, i. 11, p. 4354-4365.

  • Buffington, K.J., Dugger, B.D., Thorne, K.M., and Takekawa, J., 2016, Statistical correction of lidar-derived digital elevation models with multispectral airborne imagery in tidal marshes: Remote Sensing of Environment, v. 186, p. 616–625.

  • Carey, J.C., Tang, J., Templer, P.H., Kroeger, K.D., Crowther, T.W., Burton, A.J., Dukes, J.S., Emmett, B., Frey, S.D., Heskel, M.A., Jiang, L., Machmuller, M.B., Mohan, J., Panetta, A.M., et al., 2016, Temperature response of soil respiration largely unaltered with experimental warming: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, v. 113, p. 13797–13802.

  • Chaytor, J.D., Geist, E.L., Paull, C.K., Caress, D.W., Gwiazda, R., Urrutia Fucugauchi, J., and Rebolledo Vieyra, M., 2016, Source characterization and tsunami modeling of submarine landslides along the Yucatán Shelf/Campeche Escarpment, southern Gulf of Mexico: Pure and Applied Geophysics, v. 173, p. 4101–4116.

  • Dalyander, P.S., Meyers, M.B., Mattsson, B., Steyer, G., Godsey, E., McDonald, J., Byrnes, M.R., and Ford, M., 2016, Use of structured decision-making to explicitly incorporate environmental process understanding in management of coastal restoration projects: Case study on barrier islands of the northern Gulf of Mexico: Journal of Environmental Management, v. 183, p. 497–509.

  • Elvert, M., Pohlman, J., Becker, K.W., Gaglioti, B.V., Hinrichs, K.-U., and Wooller, M.J., 2016, Methane turnover and environmental change from Holocene biomarker records in a thermokarst lake in Arctic Alaska: The Holocene, v. 26, p. 1766–1777.

  • Fandel, C.L., Lippmann, T.C., Foster, D.L., and Brothers, L.L., 2016a, Observations of pockmark flow structure in Belfast Bay, Maine, Part 2: evidence for cavity flow: Geo-Marine Letters, v. 37, i. 1, p. 15-22.

  • Fandel, C.L., Lippmann, T.C., Foster, D.L., and Brothers, L.L., 2016b, Observations of pockmark flow structure in Belfast Bay, Maine, Part 3: implications for sediment transport: Geo-Marine Letters, v. 37, i. 1, p. 23-34.

  • Fandel, C.L., Lippmann, T.C., Irish, J.D., and Brothers, L.L., 2016, Observations of pockmark flow structure in Belfast Bay, Maine, Part 1: current-induced mixing: Geo-Marine Letters, v. 37, i. 1, p. 1-14.

  • Flores, C., ten Brink, U.S., McGuire, J.J., and Collins, J.A., 2016, Observations of seismicity and ground motion in the northeast U.S. Atlantic margin from ocean bottom seismometer data: Seismological Research Letters, v. 88, i. 1, p. 23-31.

  • Foley, M.M., Mease, L.A., Martone, R.G., Prahler, E.E., Morrison, T.H., Clarke Murray, C., and Wojcik, D., 2016, The challenges and opportunities in cumulative effects assessment: Environmental Impact Assessment Review, v. 62, p. 122–134.

  • Ganju, N.K., Suttles, S.E., Beudin, A., Nowacki, D., Miselis, J.L., and Andrews, B.D., 2016, Quantification of storm-induced bathymetric change in a back-barrier estuary: Estuaries and Coasts, v. 40, i. 1, p. 22-36.

  • Gawehn, M., van Dongeran, A., van Rooijen, A., Storlazzi, C., Cheriton, O., and Reniers, A., 2016, Identification and classification of very low frequency waves on a coral reef flat: Journal of Geophysical Research C: Oceans, v. 121, p. 7560–7574.

  • Gravinese, P.M., Flannery, J.A., and Toth, L.T., 2016, A methodology for quantifying trace elements in the exoskeletons of Florida stone crab (Menippe mercenaria) larvae using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP–OES): USGS Open-File Report 2016-1148, 19 p.

  • Hamdan, L.J., and Wickland, K.P., 2016, Methane emissions from oceans, coasts, and freshwater habitats: New perspectives and feedbacks on climate: Limnology and Oceanography, v. 61, p. S3–S12.

  • Hoover, D.J., Odigie, K., Swarzenski, P.W., and Barnard, P., 2016, Sea-level rise and coastal groundwater inundation and shoaling at select sites in California, USA: Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, v. 11, p. 234-249.

  • Kellogg, C.A., Ross, S.W., and Brooke, S.D., 2016, Bacterial community diversity of the deep-sea octocoral Paramuricea placomus: PeerJ, v. 4.

  • Miller, N., and Lizarralde, D., 2016, Finite-frequency wave propagation through outer rise fault zones and seismic measurements of upper mantle hydration: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 43, p. 7982–7990.

  • Mosher, D.C., Shimeld, J., Hutchinson, D.R., Lebedova-Ivanova, N., and Chapman, C., 2016, Submarine Landslides in Arctic Sedimentation: Canada Basin: v. 31, p. 147–157.

  • Raimonet, M., and Cloern, J.E., 2016, Estuary–ocean connectivity: fast physics, slow biology: Global Change Biology, v. 23, i. 6, p. 2345-2357.

  • Ruppel, C., Herman, B.M., Brothers, L.L., and Hart, P.E., 2016, Subsea ice-bearing permafrost on the U.S. Beaufort Margin: 2. Borehole constraints: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 17, i. 11, p. 4333-4353.

  • Shen, Y., Benner, R., Robbins, L.L., and Wynn, J., 2016, Sources, distributions and dynamics of dissolved organic matter in the Canada and Makarov Basins: Frontiers in Marine Science, v. 3.

  • Signell, R., and Camossi, E., 2016, Technical Note: Harmonizing met-ocean model data via standard web services within small research groups: Ocean Science and Engineering, v. 12, p. 633–645.

  • Signell, R., Fernandez, F., and Wilcox, K., 2016, Dynamic reusable workflows for ocean science: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, v. 4.

  • Silvestri, E.E., Feldhake, D., Griffin, D., Lisle, J.T., Nichols, T.L., Shah, S., Pemberton, A., and Schaefer III, F.W., 2016, Optimization of a sample processing protocol for recovery of Bacillus anthracis spores from soil: Journal of Microbiological Methods, v. 130, p. 6–13.

  • Sliter, R.W., Johnson, S.Y., Chin, J.L., Allwardt, P., Beeson, J., and Triezenberg, P.J., 2016, High-resolution seismic-reflection data from offshore northern California—Bolinas to Sea Ranch: USGS Open-File Report 2016-1058.

  • Suttles, S.E., Ganju, N.K., Montgomery, E.T., Dickhudt, P.J., Borden, J., Brosnahan, S.M., and Martini, M.A., 2016, Summary of oceanographic and water-quality measurements in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, 2014–15: USGS Open-File Report 2016-1149, 34 p.

  • Swarzenski, P.W., Dulai, H., Kroeger, K.D., Smith, C.G., Dimova, N., Storlazzi, C.D., Prouty, N.G., Gingerich, S.B., and Glenn, C.R., 2016, Observations of nearshore groundwater discharge: Kahekili Beach Park submarine springs, Maui, Hawaii: Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, v. 11, p. 147-165.

  • Szymczycha, B., Kroeger, K.D., and Pempkowiak, J., 2016, Significance of groundwater discharge along the coast of Poland as a source of dissolved metals to the southern Baltic Sea: Marine Pollution Bulletin, v. 109, p. 151–162.

  • Takesue, R.K., 2016, Environmental and eelgrass response to dike removal: Nisqually River Delta (2010–14): USGS Open-File Report 2016-1169, 25 p.

  • Thieler, E.R., Zeigler, S., Winslow, L., Hines, M.K., Read, J.S., and Walker, J.I., 2016, Smartphone-based distributed data collection enables rapid assessment of shorebird habitat suitability: PLoS ONE, v. 11.

  • Tinker, M.T., and Hatfield, B.B., 2016, California sea otter (Enhydra lutris nereis) census results, Spring 2016: USGS Data Series Report 1018.

  • Wang, Z.A., Kroeger, K.D., Ganju, N.K., Gonneea, M., and Chu, S.N., 2016, Intertidal salt marshes as an important source of inorganic carbon to the coastal ocean: Limnology and Oceanography, v. 61, p. 1916–1931.

  • Weinzierl, M.S., Reich, C.D., Hickey, T.D., Bartlett, L.A., and Kuffner, I.B., 2016, Collection methods and descriptions of coral cores extracted from massive corals in Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, U.S.A.: USGS Open-File Report 2016-1182.

  • Wynn, J.G., Robbins, L.L., and Anderson, L.G., 2016, Processes of multibathyal aragonite undersaturation in the Arctic Ocean: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, v. 121, i. 11, p. 8248-8267.

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