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This is a list of 2022 federal projects that were funded by the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program with an indication (*) for projects that received Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding. Details on other years are listed on the NGGDPP Grants Program Page. 

2022 NGGDPP Federal Grants
Center Title Amount BIL
[Projects that received partial or full funding with Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funds are shown with an *.]
EARTHQUAKE SC  Conserving tree-ring clues to Northwest hazards and climates $25,525.00 *
ALASKA SC Preserving Alaska data in priority critical mineral regions $35,053.00 *
EARTHQUAKE SC  Preservation of seismic data for studies of induced seismicity $173,600.00 *
VOLCANO SC  Preserving and Modernizing the Nation’s Volcano Hazard and Geologic Map Geospatial Data $68,287.00 *
NORTHERN ROCKY MOUNTAIN SC  Recovering Decades of Ice and Climate Data from the USGS Benchmark Glacier Project $87,552.00 *
USGS LIBRARY California Aerial Photographs Digitization $68,413.00 *
WOODS HOLE COASTAL/MARINE GEOLOGY SC Preservation of Coastal Wetland Sediment Samples $11,861.00 *

Mineral Resources Program (MRP) U.S. Bureau of Mines (USBM) Geologic Maps and Publications Digitization Project $18,188.00 *
PACIFIC COASTAL MARINE SC  Digitization of Legacy Geophysical Records $103,350.00 *
OKLAHOMA - TEXAS WATER SC Preservation of Archived and Donated Well and Geophysical logs, Austin, Texas $187,700.00 *
GEOLOGY, GEOPHYSICS AND GEOCHEMISTRY SC Archiving Magnetotelluric Transfer Function Data $48,300.00 *
NORTHERN ROCKY MOUNTAIN SC  Digital Archive of Ken Pierce’s Science Legacy $33,119.00 *
GEOLOGY, MINERALS, ENERGY AND GEOPHYSICS SC Preservation of Weldon Rau’s Microfossil Collection $52,399.00 *
NEW YORK WATER SC Preservation of Historic Soil Samples to Support Long-term Soil Monitoring Across the U.S. $39,947.00 *
USGS LIBRARY Modernizing metadata for USGS Field Records Collection $67,133.00 *
LOWER MISSISSIPPI-GULF WATER SC  Digitization and archival of 1 :24,000 scale geologic maps for the State of Tennessee $120,000.00 *
LOWER MISSISSIPPI-GULF WATER SC  Data Preservation of USGS Geophysical Log Archive $50,000.00 *
PACIFIC COASTAL MARINE SC  Maximizing new and old USGS investments: Space saver shelving system for the Southwest Region refrigerated core repository $361,372.00 *