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2023 NGGDPP State Geological Survey Grants

This is a list of 2023 state projects that were funded by the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program with an indication (*) for projects that received Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding. Details on other years are listed on the NGGDPP Grants Program Page. 

2023 NGGDPP State Grants

 Projects that received partial or full funding with Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funds are shown with an *.

State Institution Title Funding Amount BIL

State of Alaska, AK Division of

Geological & Geophysical Surveys

Alaska Sample and Map Rescue,

Hyperspectral Scanning Process Development,

and Compilation of Mineral Industry Records

$374,435.00 *
AL Geological Survey of Alabama

Geological Survey of Alabama

FY2023 Fossil Preservation and Map Digitization

AR Arkansas Geological Survey

Arkansas' Core and Cuttings Preservation and

Zinc Borehole Data & Geochemical Analyses Initiatives


Arizona Board of Regents,

University of Arizona

Projects for the Physical and Digital Preservation of

Geologic Maps, Reports, and Drill Core from the

Arizona Geological Survey

$286,345.00 *
CA California Department of Conservation

Historical Mine Production Records - Phase Two -

Transcribing Previously Scanned Documents,

Displaying Data on an Interactive Web Map, and

Providing Downloadable PDF Versions of the

Scanned Records

CO Colorado School of Mines

Conversion of Environmental Geology and

State Geologic Maps, Geotechnical Report

Scanning, Instrument Infrastructure for Field Analysis

$77,204.00 *
DE University of Delaware

Borehole Geophysical Logs: Data Preservation and

Web Access + ReSciColl Collections Metadata Update

FL Florida Geological Survey

NGGDPP - Preservation of Florida's Digital

Geophysical Log Data

IA Iowa Geological Survey

Data Preservation and Critical Minerals

Activities in Iowa 2023-2024

$50,456.00 *
ID Idaho Geological Survey USGS FY23 Data Preservation 16 $133,876.00 *
IL Illinois State Geological Survey

Preservation of Geologic Data and

Collections in Illinois: FY23

$644,593.00 *
IN Indiana Geological and Water Survey

IGWS FAIR Data Initiative 2023-2024 -

Legacy Research Access and Public Outreach

$342,492.00 *
KS Kansas Geological Survey

Preserving and Inventorying Kansas Geologic Data,

Documents, Samples, and Aerial Photographs;

and Surveying Drill Hole/Core Holdings

Relating to Critical Mineral Resources, FY 2023

$782,969.00 *
KY Kentucky Geological Survey

Kentucky Geological Survey FY2023

Geologic Data Preservation Project

$319,499.00 *
MD Maryland Geological Survey

2023-2024 Maryland Data Preservation:

Drill Cuttings, Washed Subsamples,

Digital Borehole Geophysical Logs,

Chesapeake Bay-Bottom Geophysical Data,

and Critical Mineral Samples

MI Michigan Geological Survey

Photographing Cores, Scanning Thin Sections,

Improving Core Storage Infrastructure and

Geochemical Analysis of Salt and Potash Cores

$198,026.00 *
MN Minnesota Geological Survey

FY2023 Minnesota Geological and Geophysical

Data Preservation Program


Missouri Department of Natural Resources;

Missouri Geological Survey

Digital Scanning and Metadata Generation of 800

Unpublished Geological Data Files in Collection,

Update of MGS Metadata in ReSciColl,

Purchase of Petrographic Thin Section Scanner,

Core Log Database, and Whole-Rock

Geochemistry Samples

$156,928.00 *
MT Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

Priority 1: The Chadwick and Feeley Collection.

Priority 3: Philipsburg Mining District

$79,627.55 *
NH New Hampshire Preservation of New Hampshire Sample Resources $10,069.00  
NJ New Jersey Geological and Water Survey

2023 National Geological & Geophysical Data

Preservation Program

$22,883.69 *

New Mexico Bureau of Geology

and Mineral Resources (NMBGMR)

Metadata Update and Critical Minerals $53,328.00 *
NV Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

Nevada Geoscience Data Preservation and


$197,847.90 *
OR Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries Oregon DOGAMI Historic Assay Information $66,300.00  

PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources

- Bureau of Geological Survey

McKean County Geophysical Wireline Well Logs

and Core Storage Expansion FY2023

$29,298.67 *
TN Tennessee Geological Survey

Preserving, Compiling, Housing, and Serving

TGS Collections Materials

$63,343.68 *

University of Texas at Austin,

Bureau of Economic Geology

Updating Metadata and Critical Minerals Assessment $55,890.00  
UT Utah Geological Survey (UGS) UGS FY2023 Geologic Data Preservation Project $456,222.08 *

Virginia Division of Geology

and Mineral Resources

P1: Preserve, Rescue Data, Update Digital System,

Convert Maps to GEMS, Update Metadata;

P2: Update Digital Infrastructure, Improve Access;

P3: Preserve Samples for Geochemical Analyses

$251,445.03 *
WA Washington Geological Survey Washington Data Preservation 2023-2025 $368,548.00 *

Wisconsin Geological and

Natural History Survey

FY2023 Wisconsin Data Preservation,

MDA Clean-Up, Core Identification,

Repository Upgrades, WiscLITH, Cuttings Re-Box

$222,495.00 *

West Virginia Geological

& Economic Survey

Preservation and Accessibility of WVGES

Physical Samples and Geological Data and

Analysis of Critical Mineral Samples

$67,967.64 *