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NGGDPP 2018 State Geological Survey Grants



State Institution Title  Funding Amount
AK Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Creation  for Alaska's  Collection  of Amoco
Geologic Samples and Reports
AL Geological Survey of
Fossil Rescue and Inventory $22,570.00
AR Arkansas  Geological Survey Preservation of Historic Oil and Gas Strip
AZ Arizona  Geological Survey Preservation and Modernization of Arizona
Digital Geologic Map Data
CO Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Geological Survey Preservation of Geothermal Materials, Geologic Hazard and Geotechnical Reports, and Rock Cores $20,324.00
CT Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Digital Compilation of the Bedrock  Geological Map and Report of Ellsworth and Amenia Quadrangles, CT $27,468.00
DE University of Delaware, Delaware  Geological Survey Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf Sample and
Data Repository Project
FL Florida Geological Survey Preservation of Florida’s  Geologic  Photo Slide
IA The University of Iowa, Iowa
Geological Survey
Geologic Analytical Data Preservation and
Exposure  on the Web
ID Idaho Geological Survey, University  of Idaho Preservation of Geologic Mine Files, Documents, and Videos $24,127.00
IL University  of Illinois, Illinois
State Geological Survey
Preservation of Geologic Documents $23,778.00
IN Indiana University, Indiana Geological and Water Survey Preservation, Accessibility, and Discoverability of Geologic  Data and Materials $33,082.00
KS Kansas  Geological Survey Preservation of Kansas  Oil, Gas, and Water Well Geologic Data, Records, and Samples, and Aerial Photographs, FY2018 $79,519.00
KY University  of Kentucky Research  Foundation, Kentucky  Geological Survey Preservation of Geologic Documents and
MD Maryland Department of
Natural Resources,
Maryland Geological Survey
Preservation of Aerial Photograph and Rock
Cuttings  Collections
ME Maine Geological Survey Preservation of Geologic  Images and Files $15,564.14
MI Western Michigan University, Michigan Geological Survey Inventory  and Preservation of Historical
Collection  of Drill Cuttings
MO Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Geological Survey Preservation of Unpublished Geologic
MS Mississippi Office of
Geologic  Historic  Document  Preservation and
Digital Access
MT Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Preservation of the J.T. Pardee Geology
NE University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Conservation and Survey Division (Nebraska Geological Survey) Nebraska Oil and Gas Collection: Inventory and Database Development for Southwest Nebraska Geological Sample Data Preservation and Public Access $15,555.00
NJ New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Geological and Water Survey Preservation of Geologic  Field Notebooks and
NM New Mexico Institute  of Mining and Technology, New Mexico Bureau  of Geology  and Mineral Resources Upgrade  and Preserve  Geologic  Digital Maps, Historic Mine Archives,  and Thin Sections $36,974.65
NV University  of Nevada,  Reno - Nevada Bureau  of Mines
and Geology
Preservation of Mining Documents and Thin
OK Oklahoma  Geological Survey,  University  of Oklahoma Development Support  for Comprehensive
Database  of Oklahoma  Geological Resources
OR Oregon  Department of Geology  and Mineral Industries Creation  of Integrated Mineral Geodatabase $48,035.00
UT Utah Geological Survey Preservation of Geologic  Documents, Maps, Geochronology Data, and Rock Cores $61,802.05
VA Virginia  Division of Geology and Mineral Resources - Department of Mines, Minerals  and Energy Preservation of New Jersey Zinc Company
Legacy Collection
WI University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Preservation of Geophysical Logs and Rock
WV West Virginia Geological & Economic  Survey Barcode Recognition Technology for
Enhanced Inventory and Curation of Rock
Core and Well Cutting Collections
  Total $1,029,690.26

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