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Aeromagnetic survey over US to advance geomagnetic research

January 1, 1996

A proposed high-altitude survey of the US offers an exciting and cost effective opportunity to collect magnetic-anomaly data. Lockheed Martin Missile and Space Company is considering funding a reimbursable ER-2 aircraft mission to collect synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery at an altitude of about 21 km over the conterminous US and Alaska. The collection of total and vector magnetic field data would be a second objective of the flight. These data would provide insight on fundamental tectonic and thermal processes and give a new view of the structural and lithologic framework of the crust and upper mantle.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1996
Title Aeromagnetic survey over US to advance geomagnetic research
Authors T. G. Hildenbrand, R. J. Blakely, W. J. Hinze, Gordon R. Keller, R.A. Langel, M. Nabighian, W. Roest
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union
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Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse