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Richard Blakely

Richard is a Scientist Emeritus with the Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics Science Center. He focuses on the application of gravity, magnetic, and other geophysical methods to address a variety of earth science issues in the Western United States.

After graduation from Stanford, he served as Assistant Professor in the School of Oceanography at OSU. He joined the USGS in 1975, becoming Senior Scientist six years before retiring from the USGS in 2016. As an Emeritus Research Geophysicist, Richard uses potential-field (gravity and magnetic) and other geophysical methods to help address national earth science issues in the Western United States. His recent research focuses on mapping and characterizing hazardous faults in the Cascadia subduction zone, assessing mineral resources in the Basin and Range, and estimating ground-water resources of the arid southwest US.

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