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Anorogenic nature of magmatism in the Northern Baikal volcanic belt: Evidence from geochemical, geochronological (U-Pb), and isotopic (Pb, Nd) data

January 1, 1998

The Northern Baikal volcanic belt has an age of 1.82-1.87 Ga and extends along the boundary between the Siberian Platform and the Baikal foldbelt. The volcanic belt is composed of volcanics of the Akitkan Group and granitic rocks of the Irel and Primorsk complexes. The geochemistry of the rocks points to the intraplate anorogenic nature of the belt. U-Pb zircon dating of the Chuya granitoids revealed that they are older (2020-2060 Ma) than the Northern Baikal volcanic belt and, thus, cannot be regarded as its component. Data on the Pb isotopic system of feldspars from the granitoids confirm the contemporaneity of all volcanic rocks of the belt except the volcanics of the upper portion of the Akitkan Group (Chaya Formation). Our data suggest its possibly younger (???1.3 Ga) age. The isotopic Nd and Pb compositions of the acid volcanic rocks provide evidence of the heterogeneity of their crustal protoliths. The volcanics of the Malaya Kosa Formation have ??Nd(T) = -6.1, ??2 = 9.36, and were most probably produced with the participation of the U-depleted lower continental crust of Archean age. Other rocks of the complex show ??Nd(T) from -0.1 to -2.4, ??2 = 9.78, and could have been formed by the recycling of the juvenile crust. The depletion of the Malaya Kosa volcanics in most LILEs and HFSEs compared with other acid igneous rocks of the belt possibly reflects compositional differences between the Late Archean and Early Proterozoic crustal sources. The basaltic rocks of the Malaya Kosa Formation (??Nd varies from -4.6 to -5.4) were produced by either the melting of the enriched lithospheric mantle or the contamination of derivatives of the depleted mantle by Early Archean lower crustal rocks, which are not exposed within the area. Copyright ?? 1998 by MAEe Cyrillic signK Hay??a/Interperiodica Publishing.