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Blue carbon as a tool to support coastal management and restoration: Bringing wetlands to market case study

November 1, 2018

A collaborative research approach involving substantial end user and stakeholder engagement was applied to great effect to guide broad, integrated investigation of the science, policy, and management of blue carbon and carbon markets as drivers for coastal wetland management and restoration.

Expanding awareness about blue carbon concepts among local, state, and federal agencies and the public was found to be effective at stimulating interest in taking climate-change mitigation action through wetland protection and restoration, as well as increasing understanding about the overall value of coastal wetlands and the services they provide.

Interest in blue carbon is high regardless of the potential for financial benefits through a carbon market. For end users such as the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration and National Park Service Cape Cod National Seashore and many others, the ability to highlight the climate benefits of ecological restoration to stakeholders may have greater value than financial benefits from sale of carbon market credits.