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Book review: Three great tsunamis: Lisbon (1755), Sumatra-Andaman (2004), and Japan (2011)

March 28, 2014

“Three Great Tsunamis: Lisbon (1755), Sumatra–Andaman (2004), and Japan (2011)” is published in Springer’s new series SpringerBriefs. According to Springer’s website, the SpringBriefs volumes are intended to provide “concise summaries of cutting-edge research and practical applications across a wide spectrum of fields”. Among the several categories considered for SpringerBriefs are in-depth case studies, for which this volume is most closely aligned.

This 89-page volume comprises six chapters. Chapter 1 describes the fundamentals of tsunamis at a basic level, including a selective list of major historical tsunamis. Chapter 2 describes the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and tsunami, although no tectonic background is given for this event, as it is for the other two events considered in this volume. Included in this chapter, however, is a brief but fascinating account of how this earthquake affected scientific and philosophical thought during the Age of Enlightenment. The authors’ description of the 2004 Sumatra–Andaman earthquake and tsunami in Chapter 3 includes instrumental and post-tsunami measurements of the tsunami, ground shaking and subsidence, and other effects such as mud volcanoes. Primarily, tsunami observations are described for the 2011 Japan event, including a brief summary of the nuclear disaster in the Fukushima region. The fifth chapter is on tsunami warning systems, including new and emerging systems around the world in the twenty-first century. The final chapter provides perspectives on why these events were so destructive and how future hazards may be mitigated.

Review info: Three Great Tsunamis: Lisbon (1755), Sumatra–Andaman (2004), and Japan (2011). By Harsh K. Gupta and Vineet K. Gahalaut, 2013. ISBN: 978-9400765757

Publication Year 2014
Title Book review: Three great tsunamis: Lisbon (1755), Sumatra-Andaman (2004), and Japan (2011)
DOI 10.1007/s00024-014-0820-0
Authors Eric L. Geist
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Pure and Applied Geophysics
Index ID 70114975
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