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A comparison of NLCD 2011 and LANDFIRE EVT 2010: Regional and national summaries.

April 17, 2017

In order to provide the land cover user community a summary of the similarity and differences between the 2011 National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) and the Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools Program Existing Vegetation 2010 Data (LANDFIRE EVT), the two datasets were compared at a national (conterminous U.S.) and regional (Eastern, Midwestern, and Western) extents (Figure 1). The comparisons were done by generalizing the LANDFIRE data to be consistent with mapped land cover classes in the NLCD (i.e., crosswalked). Summaries of the comparisons were based on areal extent including 1) the total extent of each land cover class, and 2) land cover classes in corresponding 900-m2 areas. The results from the comparisons provide the user community information regarding the utility of both datasets relative to their intended uses.

  • USGS Source: Publications Warehouse (indexId: 70177839)