Alexa J McKerrow, PhD

Alexa McKerrow is an ecologist and remote sensing analyst.  In 2008 she started her USGS career and now works within the Biogeographic Characterization Branch of the Science Analytics and Synthesis Program developing and analyzing national biodiversity data for terrestrial and aquatic systems.


Alexa McKerrow has a B.S. in Biology from Colorado State University, a Master of Science in Forestry and a Ph.D. in Botany from North Carolina State University.  Her involvement in the GAP program started at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.  She made the move to North Carolina in 1996 and continued to work on state and regional Gap projects.  Currently Alexa helps coordinate the land cover mapping and species habitat distribution modeling.  In addition, she coordinates the National Aquatic Gap Analysis Project and is the Implementation Manger for the U.S. National Vegetation Classification.

As a member of the Biogeographic Characterization Branch of SAS, Alexa represents the USGS in a variety of collaborative efforts including the Advisory Team for the LANDFIRE Program, the Multi-Resolution Landscape Characterization Consortium, the Federal Geographic Data Committee - Vegetation Subcommittee, Ecological Society of America Panel on Vegetation Classification, as well as the Southeast Regional Committee of the National Wildland Fire Cohesive Strategy.  At North Carolina State University, she serves as adjunct faculty with the Department of Applied Ecology where she gets the opportunity to work with students and other researches on integrating regional and national datasets in landscape and conservation analyses.