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Development of web-based organic petrology photomicrograph atlases and internet resources for professionals and students

May 1, 2013

With advances in web applications, organic petrography and other related disciplines are in need of updated online resources and educational tools to aid professionals and students in the identification and interpretation of macerals. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Organic Petrology Laboratory along with USGS Eastern Energy Resources Science Center Information Technology staff have developed five web atlases containing images of organic matter in geologic materials: 1. an American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Atlas, 2. an Organic Petrology Taxonomy for International Classification (OPTIC) of Coal Macerals Atlas, 3. an Interactive Gulf Coast Photomicrograph Web Atlas (I-Map), 4. an Organic Material in Shales Atlas (Shale), and 5. an interactive Blue/White/Ultraviolet (UV) Light Atlas (Light). Each web atlas contains images of macerals with associated sample and petrographic data collected by the USGS. These webpages will provide means to preserve and circulate petrographic data collected by the USGS for coal and shale samples from all over the world.