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Eruption in an ice-filled caldera, Mount Veniaminof, Alaska Peninsula: A section in The United States Geological Survey in Alaska: Accomplishments during 1983

January 25, 2017

The more prominent of the two visible intracaldera cones of Mount Veniaminof went into eruption in early June 1983 and continued until early April 1984. Veniaminof is a 2,507-m-high composite cone having an 8 x 11-km summit caldera which formed 3,300-3,700 yr B.P. (Miller and Smith, 1977). The active 1.6x1.2-km cone protrudes 200 m through the glacial ice filling the caldera; it lies in a 60-m-long belt of cinder cones that is transverse to the trend of the Aleutian arc (fig. 44).

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