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Geothermal segmentation of the Cascade Range in the USA

January 1, 1990

Characteristics of the crustal thermal regime of the Quaternary Cascades vary systematically along the range. Spatially congruent changes in volcanic vent distribution, volcanic extrusion rate, hydrothermal discharge rate, and regional conductive heat flow define 5 geothermal segments. These segments are, from north to south: (1) the Washington Cascades north of Mount Rainier, (2) the Cascades from Mount Rainier to Mount Hood, (3) the Oregon Cascades from south of Mount Hood to the California border, (4) northernmost California, including Mount Shasta and Medicine Lake volcano, and (5) the Lassen region of northern California. This segmentation indicates that geothermal resource potential is not uniform in the Cascade Range. Potential varies from high in parts of Oregon to low in Washington north of Mount Rainier.

Publication Year 1990
Title Geothermal segmentation of the Cascade Range in the USA
Authors Marianne Guffanti, L.J. Muffler, Robert H. Mariner, D. R. Sherrod, James G. Smith, D.D. Blackwell, C. S. Weaver
Publication Type Conference Paper
Publication Subtype Conference Paper
Index ID 70015835
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse