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Late Pliocene diatoms in a diatomite from Prydz Bay, East Antarctica

January 1, 1996

Very well-preserved Pliocene diatoms from a diatomite unit interbedded within glacial sediments at Ocean Drilling Program Site 742 in Prydz Bay, Antarctica are documented and illustrated. The presence of Thalassiosira kolbei, T. torokina, Actinocyclus actinochilus, A. karstenii and the absence of Nitzschia interfrigidaria. T. insigna and T. vulnifica in Sample 119-742A-15R-4, 44-46cm constrain its age to ca. 2.2-1.8 Ma (late Pliocene). Diatoms associated with sea ice constitute 35% of the Pliocene diatom assemblage, compared with 71% of the modern sediment assemblage at the site, suggesting that sea ice was present during the late Pliocene period of deposition of the sample, although it probably was not the significant feature it is today. Thalassiosira ellitipora (Donahue) Fenner is described and illustrated in detail and is validly published. An expanded description and numerous illustrations are also presented for T. torokina Brady.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1996
Title Late Pliocene diatoms in a diatomite from Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
Authors A.D. Mahood, J. A. Barron
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Micropaleontology
Index ID 70018941
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse