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The New Hampshire watershed tool: a geographic information system tool to estimate streamflow statistics and ground-water-recharge rates

June 7, 2005

Estimates of low-flow statistics, flow durations, and ground-water-recharge rates are needed to assist water-resource managers in assessing surface-water resources and ground-water availability. Often these estimates are required at ungaged sites where no observed streamflow data are available for analysis. Regression equations for estimating low-flow statistics and flow durations, and for estimating ground-water-recharge rates at ungaged sites have been developed for New Hampshire. However, use of these equations requires numerous input parameters, such as basin and climatic characteristics. This report describes a customized geographic information system (GIS) application, the New Hampshire Watershed Tool, that automates the measurement of the characteristics used for input to the regression equations and calculates the corresponding flow statistics and ground-water-recharge rates.