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Preliminary geologic map of the Laredo, Crystal City–Eagle Pass, San Antonio, and Del Rio 1° x 2° quadrangles, Texas, and the Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Acuña, Piedras Negras, and Nueva Rosita 1° x 2° quadrangles, Mexico

January 28, 2009

The purpose of this map is to provide an integrated, bi-national geologic map dataset for display and analyses on an Arc Internet Map Service (IMS) dedicated to environmental health studies in the United States-Mexico border region. The IMS web site was designed by the US-Mexico Border Environmental Health Initiative project and collaborators, and the IMS and project web site address is The objective of the project is to acquire, evaluate, analyze, and provide earth, biologic, and human health resources data within a GIS framework (IMS) to further our understanding of possible linkages between the physical environment and public health issues. The geologic map dataset is just one of many datasets included in the web site; other datasets include biologic, hydrologic, geographic, and human health themes.