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A problematic early tetrapod from the Mississippian of Nevada

January 1, 1998

We report here the discovery of a new taxon of Paleozoic tetrapod from the Late Mississippian of Nevada (330-340 Ma). It has a unique vertebral column with principal centra having vertical anterior and posterior faces, ventrally incomplete accessory centra located antero-dorsally in each centrum, and enlarged presacral/sacral vertebrae. The head and pectoral girdle were not preserved but the large femur, robust pelvic girdle and enlarged sacral vertebrae possibly indicate a terrestrial mode of life. This new form significantly extends the western geographic range of known Mississippian tetrapods. It presents a mosaic of primitive and derived features, indicating that continued revision of traditional accounts of vertebral homology and the early diversifications of Paleozoic tetrapods will be necessary.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1998
Title A problematic early tetrapod from the Mississippian of Nevada
Authors K.S. Thomson, N.S. Shubin, F. G. Poole
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
Index ID 70020349
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse