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Robustness of de Saint Venant equations for simulating unsteady flows

January 1, 1995

Long-wave motion in open channels can be expressed mathematically by the one-dimensional de Saint Venant equations describing conservation of fluid mass and momentum. Numerical simulation models, based on either depth/velocity or water-level/discharge dependent-variable formulations of these equations, are typically used to simulate unsteady open-channel flow. However, the implications and significance of selecting either dependent-variable form - on model development, discretization and numerical solution processes, and ultimately on the range-of-application and simulation utility of resulting models - are not well known. Results obtained from a set of numerical experiments employing two models - one based on depth/velocity and the other on water-level/discharge equation formulations - reveal the sensitivity of the two equation sets to various channel properties and dynamic flow conditions. In particular, the effects of channel gradient, channel width-to-depth ratio, flow-resistance coefficient, and flow unsteadiness are analyzed and discussed.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1995
Title Robustness of de Saint Venant equations for simulating unsteady flows
Authors Robert A. Baltzer, Raymond W. Schaffranek, Chintu Lai
Publication Type Conference Paper
Publication Subtype Conference Paper
Index ID 70018801
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse