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Stakeholder survey results for Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge: Completion report

January 1, 2005

Lake Umbagog is a newly established Refuge (in 1993) with an increasing visitation. Current visitation numbers are around 55,000 visits/year. Though limited visitor services are currently offered, additional services will be proposed in the CCP. The purpose of this survey is to assess interested publics' and stakeholders' satisfaction with existing visitor conditions and experiences on the Refuge and the preferences for proposed changes to the Refuge affecting visitation. An additional purpose is to gauge customers' understanding and knowledge regarding the Refuge so that future communications with stakeholders regarding proposed changes can be most effective. Appendix A of this report includes the survey instrument. Appendix B includes the summary data for all of the questions in the survey, in the order that they appear in the survey. For the most part, that information is not repeated in the body of the report, which focuses on the meaning of more in-depth analyses of the survey data.